Getting ready to launch

Launching a book is a big deal. Launching your first book is a bit terrifying. After lots of soul searching and research, I decided publishing independently was the best route for me. That means, I’m in control of all of the aspects of launching my book. From editing, to hiring a cover artist, to formatting, to getting the book out on the platforms I plan to sell on. It’s a long process – and it’s been a learning experience.

So far, I have completed the editing stage and the cover design stage. Next up, formatting so the book will be ready to upload. It’s getting closer and I couldn’t be more excited!

I haven’t set an exact date yet – which is one of the many perks of publishing independently – but it will be out in January.

One Week Until Cover Reveal

I can’t wait to share the cover for my first book in the Illaria Series with you all! I have a truly talented cover artist who worked hard to create a cover that is phenomenal! Next week I have some time off of work and I though that it would be the perfect time to share the cover with everybody. Keep your eyes peeled. Friday, December 23rd I’ll be sharing my cover!

Starting Book 2

Technically, I’ve already written my second book in the Illaria series. The problems was that after I finished it, I realized there was a gap in the story. I wanted to know what the characters were doing during that gap. I started writing a short story about Max and what he was up to during that time in between books. It was so much fun writing Max, that I decided it might need to be expanded. After some thought, outlining, and several sleepless nights, I figured I’d go for it. So now, book 2 will become book 3 and I’m currently working on the book that will go in-between them. The outline is done so it’s time to get writing. Twenty-One Pilots on the playlist – time to go!